Yeti Rambler Vs. Ozark Trail Tumbler

Around six months ago I purchased a Yeti Rambler. I kind of thought they were a waste of money, at least for me because I tend to just drink my entire drink right away. I seen a great deal on it so I went ahead and bought one. To my surprise, it was a great purchase. This thing is amazing! I can fill it with ice water and know that through out the day it will be ice cold. I even left it in my truck in the full sun on a summer day while we were at a birthday party for several hours and when I returned it still had ice. One sad day in November I had misplaced my Yeti Rambler. I had just came back from being out of town and thought I must have left it behind. My wonderful wife mentioned in conversation to my sister that I had lost it. Christmas came around and my sister got me the Ozark Trail Tumbler (which is very similar) I was back in business!

The Ozark Trail Tumbler is great. It also holds ice all day so I was really impressed. Come to find out, I ended up finding my Yeti Rambler a few weeks later...under my bed ( I think the cat knocked it off my night stand). Now I use the both of them every day! I did find myself reaching for the Ozark Trail over the Yeti. As far as keeping your drink cold or hot they both perform about the same. I do like the way the Ozark Trail Tumbler fits in my hand much better then the Yeti Rambler. The Ozark tapers more so it is easier to hold. I also like the tinted lid better on the Ozark. The tinted lid seems to show less signs of wear. The Yeti lid is clear and you can see every little scuff and scrape. Now for the best part: the Yeti Rambler sells for around $25 and the Ozark Trail Tumbler sells for around $7. Even if they were the same price I would still prefer the Ozark. Being that big of a price difference I see know reason to waste the extra money on the Yeti.

So thats that. If you are in the market for a nice tumbler to keep your drink cold or hot all day check out the Ozark Trail Tumbler and save you some cash.

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