Still Hunting Winter Deer Tips

When late season winter hits hunting from your stand can have you sitting in the cold for days before seeing a deer. Here are some tips to assist you in tracking down those bucks with still hunting.

(Still Hunting- walking stealthily through an animals habitat)

- Use the weather to your advantage. The wind or rain can help conceal your smell, snow helps muffle branches under your feet and helps with tracking.

- Dress warm but not too warm. You won't need to layer as much as when your sitting in a stand. Your constant movement helps keep you warmer then sitting still. Also be mindful to not over dress to reduce sweating.

- Carry your weapon in the ready position. You have to make quick shots when still hunting so be ready at all times.

- Walk as light as possible but know that you will make noise. When you make more noise then desired hold still for a bit and let it fade. The deer shouldn't spook. You can also blow a grunt call to divert them to thinking its another deer.

- Hunt at sun up. The deer tend to feed early morning at first light.

- Follow the food. Often times bucks will bed nearby to food. Keep your eye out for the deer that are still laying in the beds. 

- Carry some sort of GPS. Mark your launch point so that you don't have to worry about the path you take. Go wherever the woods lead you and use your gps to guide you back.

Hunting new areas or even states is another good way to take your hunting to the next level. Look into Hunting Land for sale in Michigan where there tends to be large bucks. Still hunting is perfect for new areas to get you out finding where those deer are bedding down.

Still hunting isn't for everyone but it can be a very effective tactic to finding those bucks late in the season. After months of pressure the deer tend to take awhile to get back into their routine so they may not come by your stand for awhile. Go out and bring the hunt to them. 

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