Top 5 Fall Bass Baits

Just wanted to share my top 5 fall bass baits and techniques that work best for me throughout the whole fall season.

1. Crank Baits - medium diving cranks seem to work really well in the fall when the water temperature is dropping. The bass tend to feed up heavy on baitfish and the medium diving cranks put you in a perfect spot to get down 8-12 feet and find those bass hanging around looking for a meal. I throw these on a 7' medium, moderate casting rod.

2. Jerk Baits - Another great way to get down to those bass are suspending jerk baits. This can be a slower approach then the crank baits if the fish are being a little more lethargic. I throw these on a 7' medium, moderate casting rod or sometimes a 7' medium, moderate spinning.

3. Spinner/Chatter Baits - If the bass are up higher in the water column or hanging closer to the bank my go to is either a spinner bait or a chatter bait. Again those bass are typically trying to feed up before the winter so blade baits such as these are great to cover a lot of water and catch the fish's attention. I throw these on a 7'-7' 3" medium, fast casting rod.

4. Lipless Cranks - These are perfect for ripping thru grass or just cranking and finding those bass. Lipless cranks are by far my favorite to use in the fall. They are very versatile and can be used from the bank or from boat and in almost any body of water. I throw these on a 7' medium heavy, fast casting rod.

5. Jigs - Last but certainly not least is the jig. The jig is very effective in any season. I try to match the hatch in the fall for whatever the bass are feeding on. Typically in my area its shad or bluegills. You can drag a football head jig across the bottom or flip and pitch a jig around cover. Jigs are great for when the bite gets tough. I throw jigs on a 7' 6" medium heavy, fast casting rod.

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